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Restaurant Marketing Plans are Reaching to QR Codes to Increase the Bottom Line

QR Codes Restaurant MarketingRestaurant marketing is growing and it will continue to grow over the next few years, as it’s been extremely beneficial in the success of many restaurants lately.

QR code marketing is one of the newer marketing trends that have proven to be most helpful to restaurants since it allows a restaurant to transfer TONS of information all at one time, in a very small amount of space.

With QR codes you’re able to send what looks like a bar code, through text messaging to as many people as you’d like all at once and in that QR code there can be any amount of information you choose, from all of your menu items, to specials and discounts, to mobile coupons. Continue Reading

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Trumpia Reseller LogoSMS Text Message Marketing is taking off and this Trumpia Reseller Review will help you decide which program to use for your own SMS marketing platform.

Are you a marketing genius ready to help small business owners? Check out this Trumpia reseller review to learn how you can use Trumpia’s mobile marketing toolkit to provide all the same services top mobile marketing companies offer their clients for a fraction of the cost!

Turnkey SMS Text Reseller Solution

Trumpia’s reseller program is a turn-key operation that can have you set up as your own branded mobile marketing services provider in just a few days. Continue Reading

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Restaurant Mobile Marketing StrategyRestaurant mobile marketing is the newest way to grow your business. With restaurant mobile marketing in Chicago, you are able to reach the masses without having to individually contact them. You are able to send out bulk text messages and reach every person in your group of contacts. You will be able to send out coupons, promotions, and invite people to join your email club, and much more! Your restaurant, old or new will gain new customers through the mobile marketing.

You need to set up a restaurant mobile marketing strategy for your restaurant. You will find that the stronger your strategy, the more influence it’ll have on potential clients, like any other business strategy. Continue Reading

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Mobile Apps for Small BusinessesMobile apps for businesses have become one of the biggest uses of mobile marketing in the Chicago area. Mobile apps for businesses allows your potential and current clients and customers to access your information, place orders, read up on events, and so much more.

Mobile apps for businesses make it easier for consumers to stay in touch with your business and everything it has going on, in a shorter amount of time. Every business needs mobile apps, and if you don’t have one yet for your business, you’re really missing out.

Custom mobile apps are being used by all different types of businesses already, because they’ve already learned the benefits of using them. Continue Reading

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Using Outsourcing Companies to Build Your Mobile Apps

Mobile App Outsourcing is the way to go!

If you want to build a mobile app, you need a few things:

  • An idea
  • A credit card or bank account
  • A computer with an internet connection

That’s all. Are you surprised? No, you’re right, “knowledge of mobile operating systems and programming languages” is not on the list. You don’t need that thanks to sites like Elance and oDesk, the online hubs of freelance programmers the world over.

The Outsourcing Companies – Elance and oDesk

These two sites are very similar in terms of the way they work, and there’s no reason you can’t use both as a part of your search for the freelance mobile app developer of your dreams and/or budget requirements (it’s far more likely that will be an “and” rather than an “or”). Continue Reading

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