Restaurant text messagingRestaurant SMS marketing strategies have proven effective at bringing more diners through the doors and to the tables. In a rough economy, people tend to eat out less, but SMS marketing strategies combat this problem by providing two-way communication between your restaurant and your customer that engages the customer, gives them more reason to eat out, and more reason to feel that their dollar will go further in your restaurant than in another.

Restaurant marketing is increasingly moving toward mobile as their customers go mobile via smartphones and other devices. The thing about SMS marketing is that it is widely available no matter what type of device your customers are using. Continue Reading

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Health mobile websiteGet your Chiropractic Practice into the Mobile Age

Mobile websites are a vital part of marketing to the general public.   With a mobile website your clients are able to find out all of your information from the palm of their hand.   People today are busy and they don’t necessarily have time for all of the things they once had time for, and by making your website mobile, you are opening up a new world of convenience for them.

You want your company to stand out from the rest, and mobile marketing is your fastest and easiest way to stand out from the crowd.  Continue Reading

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brickandmobile Mobile Website reseller platformDoes offer the best mobile marketing reseller software?  We reviewed Brick&Mobile and they do have a very powerful package for anyone interested in starting a mobile marketing company.

If you are looking for a feature rich platform that offers you all the tools you need to start a mobile marketing company – read this Brick & Mobile review. They have a redefined white label mobile marketing platform and offer more than most other competitors.

Brick&Mobile’s mobile marketing software has 3 main components:

  • Mobile Website Builder (Mobile CMS) – Online mobile website builder platform created specifically for mobile marketing resellers.
  • SMS Marketing Software – Comprehensive SMS text marketing software created specifically for SMS resellers.
Continue Reading

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lawyer mobileLawsuits are effecting the growth of mobile, there is no denying this.  The largest players in the mobile space are embattled with lawsuit after lawsuit.  The consumer is the one that is loosing out.

Apple and Samsung are still tied up in courts over what is one of the largest settlements in mobile history.  I can actually side with Apply on this one because the iPhone was a technological leap ahead of everyone in the mobile space.  When Apple developed the iPhone, they patented a lot of this new mobile technology and they are in my opinion entitled to own those new mobile advancements. Continue Reading

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Mobile Website Reseller ProgramsStarting a mobile website design business has never been easier.  We tested over 20 different mobile website builder companies to find the ones that offer the best white label mobile website programs.  You can start a mobile website company, sell mobile web site design services and start making money without ever developing your own mobile web site software platform.

Mobile Website Business Opportunities

Millions of websites need to be converted to mobile friendly versions.  Mobile website development is in high demand and businesses are racing to mobilize their sites. Your new mobile website builder company can be the solution they are looking for. Continue Reading

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Salon Marketing Ideas: Get a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Update your Salon Marketing Plan and Consider Mobile Apps, Mobile Websites and SMS Marketing

Salon marketing that utilized flyers, phone book ads, word of mouth and mailers used to be enough, but in today’s increasingly mobile world a mobile marketing strategy is a necessity.

A salon that wants to be and stay ahead of the curve will get a mobile marketing strategy sooner rather than later. Mobile marketing for salons in Chicago can take many different forms and utilize different features. Perhaps the best used mobile marketing strategy for salons is SMS text message marketing. SMS marketing can accomplish some important things, including appointment reminders, news sharing, mobile coupons and other promotions. Continue Reading

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Restaurant Marketing Plans are Reaching to QR Codes to Increase the Bottom Line

QR Codes Restaurant MarketingRestaurant marketing is growing and it will continue to grow over the next few years, as it’s been extremely beneficial in the success of many restaurants lately.

QR code marketing is one of the newer marketing trends that have proven to be most helpful to restaurants since it allows a restaurant to transfer TONS of information all at one time, in a very small amount of space.

With QR codes you’re able to send what looks like a bar code, through text messaging to as many people as you’d like all at once and in that QR code there can be any amount of information you choose, from all of your menu items, to specials and discounts, to mobile coupons. Continue Reading

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QR Code Marketing StrategyThere are a lot of people that just LOVE QR Codes.  On some level they are pretty cool and fun but you need to make sure that if you want to use QR codes are part of your marketing strategy, that you use them correctly.

When you create a QR code you use it to send people somewhere, like your website or some type of sign up form or offer.  The problem is, QR codes are scanned by mobile phones and if you dont have a mobile optimized website, you cant send people to your website using a QR code.   Make sense? Continue Reading

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