How High Schools and Universities are Using Text Message Marketing

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school SMS marketingThe idea of using text message marketing is one that is gaining respect in many universities across the country, but not all high schools are on board with it.

There are some high schools and entire school districts in Chicago which ban cell phones entirely, even while there are individual teachers making use of them to keep in better contact with their students.

School SMS Marketing Campaign Example

Professors at the University of Kentucky did a study on how well text messaging works in high schools. They had 66 students use their personal cell phones to receive school work related text messages during out of school hours. The study showed that the students found the text messaging to be beneficial for their course work, and liked the increased interaction they got with their teachers.

It’s no surprise that such a study would be conducted. A 2009 study showed that 84% of teens age 12-18 have a personal cell phone, and of those, 85% use the texting feature. The fact that so many high school age students and entering college freshmen use text messaging indicates that they are motivated by this technology and want to use it. Teachers in the classroom, as well as entire high schools and colleges that recognize this fact can utilize teens’ affinity for technology to increase learning in the classroom.

Best SMS Text Marketing Companies for Schools

Text message marketing has been shown to support better interaction and communication between students, students and teachers, as well as teachers and parents. Text messaging has also been used in testing purposes. Pop quizzes and student polls conducted via texting have both been used in university classrooms with success.

Who is using Educational SMS Marketing

There are many high school teachers and university professors who use texting to communicate with their students more closely. They recognize how comfortable students are with texting, and use it to their advantage by sending out homework reminders, exam reminders, and to set up appointments for one-on-one tutoring. There is also a Google text messaging service that some teachers use in the classroom. They allow students to look up interesting facts during lecture time in the classroom. This practice uses texting to more fully engage students in the lecture.

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Text messaging is also the preferred means of communication among young adults. Universities in particular are using this to communicate with students wherever they may be. Emergency response systems have been set up on many campuses, using text message marketing. In any type of on-campus emergency situation, text messaging gives administrators an instantaneous way to alert students and faculty about what is going on, and what steps are being taken.

College and University Text Message Marketing

Text messaging at universities is also set up so that students can text in information to the administration. Students receive a 10-digit texting number, and anytime they witness an incident or issue on campus that should be reported to authorities, they can quickly send a text to the 10-digit number. This helps administrators be informed about what is really happening on their campus.

Any high school or university can set up text message marketing for their school quickly and easily at Trumpia. Trumpia has a variety of SMS marketing options to choose from, or you can utilize them all. SMS messaging, polls, contests and autoresponders are all options that would work well on either a high school or college campus. Set up a free 7-day trial at Trumpia, and start communicating with your students in the way they communicate best.


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Andrea Henry December 31, 2012 at 11:21 am

After reading this article, i got the idea of using mobile marketing strategies for communicating reunions to previous students. It would also help in setting up time with old teachers and staff. I think that text message marketing is a great idea for schools.