How Realtors are Using SMS Marketing

by Michael Armstrong

How Realtors are Using SMS Marketing

How Realtors are Using SMS Marketing

One of the most powerful, yet affordable marketing solutions out there is SMS marketing for realtors in Chicago. Texting is gaining in popularity, especially among those in age up to 45. Almost half of smartphone users are between the ages of 25 and 44. We can conclude that many first-time homebuyers, who are easily part of that age group, are going to be reached through SMS marketing and mobile marketing.

It is also estimated that as many as 70% of homebuyers actually look at real estate signs during their home search. What does this have to do with SMS marketing in Chicago? A lot, when you consider that including QR codes on your real estate signs will increase your ability to utilize SMS messaging in your home marketing efforts.

QR codes are used by realtors to get the word out about their available offerings, increase name recognition and add to their list of potential clients. Remember that about 70% of homebuyers look at real estate signs during their search; including a QR code on signs catches the attention of any of those homebuyers who have a smartphone or other mobile device.

These homebuyers can immediately respond to your sign by texting you for more information, or by visiting a mobile website you’ve set up with additional information about the home. This gives realtors access to the interested homebuyer’s cell number, which can be stored in a client database for future contact.

Once realtors have potential client cell numbers in their database, it is easy to use text message marketing to keep abreast of their needs during their home search. Realtors are easily notifying their clients of new listings, changes in available properties, and new offers on homes for sale. Text messaging also helps realtors see which potential homebuyers are truly interested in a property, versus homebuyers who aren’t. This helps a realtor cut down on the number of phone calls they must make.

Instead of trying to gather new clients through the use of postcards sent in the mail, some realtors are sending out bulk SMS text messages. This method is more cost-effective than a bulk postcard mailing, which many people don’t even pay attention to as they toss it in the trash. SMS text message marketing is more effective because it actually reaches people.

Another use for SMS messaging in real estate is for rental owners. Many are finding success with the use of rent reminders sent via text message. This is an effective method of cutting down on late payments. Rental owners can also receive questions about available rentals through text, cutting down on the number of calls to field.

SMS marketing effectively weeds through the less serious renters so that calls only need to be made to those really qualified to meet the rental agreement.

Where can real estate professionals go to get help with an SMS marketing plan? One great source is Trumpia. At Trumpia, they can quickly help you get started marketing your properties and acquiring new clients through text message marketing, as well as help you utilize other great mobile marketing solutions. One of the best things about Trumpia is their free trial offer. Try Trumpia free for 30 days and see how SMS marketing can help your real estate business grow.



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