How to Outsource iPhone App Development Overseas

by Michael Armstrong

How to Outsource iPhone App Development Overseas

Creating iPhone Mobile Apps using Outsourcing will Save your Thousands

You want to build an iPhone app, but you’re an idea man. You don’t know how to program, you don’t have time to learn, and you don’t exactly have the budget to get your app built by some big-shot company with legions of dedicated iPhone programmers at their disposal.

At one point in time, this might have been what some people refer to as a “problem,” but that time has passed. Welcome to the future, my friend, it’s a pretty swell place. In fact, the future, or rather, the present, is brimming with so much opportunity, it couldn’t possibly fit inside of a single post. Instead, we’ll just give you two specific opportunities.

What specific opportunities you ask? Why, opportunities for getting that app built by freelancers overseas. Sure, you’ve heard of them, but they’ve always been very far away; until now. With sites like Elance and oDesk, they’re more accessible than ever before.

Outsourcing iPhone App Development Overseas with Elance and oDesk

Thanks to these incredible sites, outsourcing is no longer some mystical buzzword or strange fairytale about some faraway place. It is a reality for the common man. That includes you.

However, the greatest part about these sites isn’t just their ability to connect you with freelancers overseas who have the know-how to get your iPhone app built. No, the best part about these sites is the wide variety of tools they offer to make this process as easy, affordable, and secure as possible.

Outsourcing iPhone App Development Overseas – Step 1 – Contractor Profile

The first step to take is to make a contractor profile. This takes only a few minutes and is completely free. There are many ways for you to customize this profile and provide as much, or as little, information as you want, but absolute bare minimum is quick and painless.

Outsourcing iPhone App Development Overseas – Step 2 – The Project Proposal

Next, you post a proposal of what exactly you’re looking for. Once again, you can offer as little or as much information as you like. You can simply say that you’re looking for a skilled iPhone application developer, or you can provide all of the details at once. It’s up to you. You also supply a budget and a time frame. You can stipulate minimum qualifications as determined by various ranking criteria on the site too.

Outsourcing iPhone App Development Overseas – Step 3 and Beyond

Once you’ve got your project posted, freelancers overseas can start bidding on it. They’ll submit a proposal and attempt to persuade you as to why they are the one for the job. You can read over their proposal, view the feedback they’ve gotten from other clients, how many jobs they’ve done, and what their total earnings to-date are.

When you chose a freelancer, you’re satisfaction is guaranteed. If you pay an hourly rate, Elance and oDesk both provide a work-tracker that allows you to ensure that your time is actually being used for work. Either way, hourly rate or fixed rate, they don’t get paid until you have your app in your hands and you are satisfied that you’ve been given what you’re paying for. Both sites offer dispute settlement services if things fall through between you and your freelancer, but if you did you homework (there really isn’t that much to do) then you won’t have to worry about this.


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