Mobile Apps for Health Clubs and Gyms

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Mobile Apps for Health Clubs and Gyms

Fitness Mobile AppThe incredible advances in mobile applications and mobile technology have led to a shift in the way that such apps are perceived. Gone are the days when mobile apps were something only taken advantage of by game developers. When it comes to connecting and interacting with customers, no matter where they are in their busy lives, there is nothing more effective than a mobile app.

What does this have to do with my Health Club or Gym in Chicago, you may wonder. Well, it’s simple. Members of your health club or gym come to you for personal attention and information about their health and wellness. While your facilities certainly provide for them, there is no reason that it has to stop there.

Mobile Apps for Health Clubs and Gyms – Personal Trainers and Pocket Trainers

You’ve got personal trainers and fitness classes available for members when they stop by your facilities. Now, with the help of a mobile application company such as Shoutem or Ubuildapp you can provide your members with a trainer that they can carry around with them in their pocket on their mobile device.

Mobile Apps for Health Clubs and Gyms – A Mobile Health Toolbox

Here are some more ideas for features to include on your gym or health club’s mobile application.

Calorie Counter – When your members are exercising outside the gym, they want to know how many calories they’re burning. Provide a tool on your mobile app that lets them know, based on how many miles they’ve run.

Progress Tracker – When the New Year rolls around, your gym or health club is going to get a huge number of new members who will slowly lose interest and fall off the wagon. Keep them on the wagon by offering a mobile progress tracker. They’ll have it with them wherever they go, reminding them to keep it up.

Motivational Message of the Day – Everybody needs a little confidence boost every once in a while. Provide your members with motivational messages throughout the day. It will keep them focused and encourage them to go to your gym or health club more often.

Mobile Apps for Health Clubs and Gyms – Make Yourself Indispensable

The key to successful apps for gyms and health clubs is to make yourself an indispensable source of fitness and wellness knowledge. Your members will appreciate all the tips, tricks, and general know-how that you provide them with and they’ll show it by coming back again and again.

Make your mobile app the one-stop-shop for all of their fitness needs. In today’s market, it’s no longer enough to simply sit around and wait for customers to come in. They expect more and with a mobile app your gym or health center can give them just that.

Mobile Apps for Health Clubs and Gyms Won’t Make You Work Up A Sweat

It is both easy and affordable to build your own mobile app for your health center or gym when you enlist the help of experienced and successful mobile application developers like Shoutem and UBuildapp. Considering all of the benefits that they offer it would be pretty lazy of you not to head over to their websites and check out what they have to offer. That wouldn’t be a very good example to set for your members, now, would it?



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Dan Murphy December 23, 2012 at 4:43 pm

Mobile Apps are more convenient then flooding peoples mail with coupons and discount prices in newspapers or snail mail. Is there a way would could be notified when the customers have received and read the message. Can the customers text back to ask questions?

Michael Armstrong December 28, 2012 at 7:32 am

Dan, You can create a fitness mobile app that has the ability to email or sms text back and forth with you from inside the app. Thats pretty basic now for mobile apps.