Mobile Marketing for Real Estate Agents

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Real Estate Marketing SMS TextMobile marketing for real estate agents is a growing strategy within the real estate market. It’s estimated that almost half of mobile phone users now own smartphones, and smartphone users are only increasing every year. Since smartphones and other mobile devices are gaining in popularity, it is important to understand how they can be used to increase the marketability of your real estate business.

There are smartphone users who don’t feel comfortable with their desktop computers, yet have become comfortable using their smartphone with its apps and texting features. These users have their phone on them at all times and are able to easily search for homes through an app such as Google Maps, and then use a text message to tell their spouse or friends about great properties they find. Real estate agents should be aware of this and have a solution for utilizing it to their advantage.

QR codes are getting great results for real estate agents. Real estate signs are seen by as many as 70% of potential homebuyers, so the mobile marketing strategy that utilizes QR codes on signage is very effective. A QR code gives an interested homebuyer the ability to instantly find out more about an intriguing property, leading them to a mobile web page with more information and a click-to-call button so that they can call the agent while still sitting in their car in front of the property.

Even better than QR codes is the use of SMS text messages. A keyword and text message code on real estate signage allows an interested buyer to text the keyword to the code to instantly receive more information about the home. In addition, the agent receives the cell number of the interested homebuyer for future contact. The agent can use the number to update the homebuyer on other properties as they become available, or send out other pertinent information for their home search.

Real estate mobile marketing can also be used by rental owners. A big problem for rental owners is the number of bogus calls they receive asking about available rentals. Many of these calls are made by people who can’t afford the rent, so utilizing a text message code where people can receive an auto response about the rent cuts down on the number of wasted calls a rental owner must make.

Those who can afford the rent and are legitimately interested in the property can text the rental owner with additional information, letting the owner know before he makes the call which calls will be worth his while.

Having a virtual home tour that is optimized for mobile viewing is another growing trend in real estate mobile marketing. Many virtual tours are optimized for desktop viewing, but those will not be easily viewed by an interested buyer with a smartphone. A realtor with a mobile website where buyers can view virtual tours is going to show smartphone users that he or she is technology-savvy and cares enough to cater to smartphone users.

These features and more will help any real estate agent grow their business and take it forward into the future.



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Christine Owens December 31, 2012 at 9:04 am

Thank you very much! I was looking for a solution to cut down the bogus calls related to renting one of our apartments and you just provided the best one possible.Besides, it also gives us a better and more clearer picture of things.Thanks once again!