Mobile Technology lawsuits Infographic

by Michael Armstrong

lawyer mobileLawsuits are effecting the growth of mobile, there is no denying this.  The largest players in the mobile space are embattled with lawsuit after lawsuit.  The consumer is the one that is loosing out.

Apple and Samsung are still tied up in courts over what is one of the largest settlements in mobile history.  I can actually side with Apply on this one because the iPhone was a technological leap ahead of everyone in the mobile space.  When Apple developed the iPhone, they patented a lot of this new mobile technology and they are in my opinion entitled to own those new mobile advancements.

One of the mobile related lawsuits that didnt at all agree with involved RIM (Research In Motion) and the Blackberry mobile phone.  A patent holding company called NTP.  NTP’s patent had to do with wireless email and they decided that RIM was the most profitable target for a lawsuit.  NTP was labeled as a patent troll and all they wanted was money, at the cost of innovation.

The mobile lawsuit wars are anything but over.  We can all look forward to decades of lawsuits in the mobile space, and the main reason for all the lawsuits is because these tech giants understand that the future is indeed mobile!

Top 10 Tech Lawsuits – Infographic

Mobile Technology lawsuits Infographic

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