Mobile Websites for Car Dealers: Is Your Dealership Mobile Friendly

by Michael Armstrong

Mobile Websites for Car Dealers

Auto Dealers Need a Mobile Strategy that includes Apps, SMS and a Mobile Website

Today’s consumer is constantly in motion – if you deal in new or used vehicles, you know that as well as anyone. While the auto trade in Chicago has always been about getting the customer moving, marketing it is quickly becoming a matter of keeping up with them. Luckily, the world of mobile marketing has a plethora of tools at your disposal: the simplest and most effective of them being mobile-friendly web development.

Mobile websites are a Must Have for All Car Dealers and Automotive Shops

Just as it became vital to have a website during the Dot Com Boom of the 2000’s, it’s every bit as important today for that site to have a mobile-friendly counterpart – and considering that one fifth of all web browsing is done through smart phones and mobile tablets, it isn’t hard to see why.

Fortunately, mobile websites for car dealers are simple, fast, and inexpensive to set up and run. Some mobile website services online today can even make a mobile-friendly mockup of your full site at the push of a button – images, styles, and all. If you aren’t the computer-savvy sort, this method makes producing a mobile counterpart to your website almost trivial; it can even be synced to its full-sized counterpart, automatically changing itself as the original site is updated.

Take a look at a service offered by DudaMobile.    They offer a fast and easy way for you to build a custom mobile website for your dealership.

Of course, that barely scratches the surface of what can be done with mobile websites for car dealers. By literally putting your business in the hands of the consumers, you open an entirely new realm of customer interaction. What’s even better is that mobile design is effective and inexpensive. The sheer size the mobile development talent pool ensures that a reliable web designer with just the experience is never further than your browser window – not to mention likely to fit into whatever budget you please.

Once you’ve decided to expand your mobile webspace though, what to do with it?

The most obvious answer, of course, is presenting your inventory. Many mobile websites for car dealers will feature a mobile-optimized system for browsing in-stock and vehicles, as well as listing options for custom orders. Generally, these will also feature the ability to make purchases directly from the listings themselves – perfect if you happen to sell to a mobile-savvy consumer base.

How are Auto Dealers Using QR codes

Others will choose to integrate QR codes into their customer interaction toolkit. These dandy little squares, akin to barcodes, can be read by most mobile devices though any number of free apps; they naturally pique customers’ curiosity, and can be used to connect those same customers to mobile web pages. Just imagine the power of embedding a link to a given automobile’s listing in one of these codes.

Whether used in printed listings or simply tucked under the windshield of a car on your lit, these links can provide users with far more information about your inventory than you could otherwise offer them. It’s not only efficient – it may give your dealership a very futuristic and tech-savvy customer appeal.

It’s easy to see the advantages of mobile websites for car dealers. If you’re looking to bring business to your dealership, consider the power and simplicity of having a mobile-friendly web presence – not to mention the many other simple and effective options offered by the framework of mobile marketing.


Get your automotive marketing plan in gear and Go Mobile!  Mobile Phone Marketing is now required for car dealers.

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