Political Text Message Marketing – How to Get Started

by Michael Armstrong

Political Text Message Marketing

SMS Text Marketing for Political CampaignsIt’s election year – the engine of the political machine in Chicago, both democratic and republican, is roaring once again, and no matter your side in the fight, it’s time to wrangle together support and encourage voters to stand up and be heard.

Every new form of media has taken some role in politics – Nixon and Kennedy took a war of words and charisma to TV sets across the USA; voices of the Grand Ol’ Republican Party found a comfy seat on the airwaves of talk radio; and the progressive minds of the Democrats surged into the blogging community. Now, mobile communication is offering a new medium for the age-old struggle: political text message marketing.

As easy, practical, and effective as it is, this new application of bulk text marketing puts a powerful new tool in the hands of political forces of any scale.

The idea is simple: the organization in question builds an opt-in list of those interested in their cause, and uses a mass SMS service to send out messages of various types. This step is actually much easier for political organizations than most commercial applications; most of the US has a stake in the world of politics, and channeling support is just a matter of putting your name out there. (Keep in mind, other mobile marketing techniques like in-app banners and QR codes may make this step easier still!)

SMS Text Marketing for Politicians

What to do with this list, though? First and foremost is the distribution of support-gathering messages and fundraising ads. The vast majority of text messages are read, and within fifteen minutes at that; compare this to the much lower rate at which post and e-mailed material is typically viewed. Because of this, political text message marketing is better able to reach your target audience reliably.

There is also the very personal nature of text messaging. Since bulk text marketing is currently less common than other means and generally consensual, recipients are more likely to consider the material enclosed as intended for them, rather than just another piece of mass advertising. Messages which are directly relevant to the causes that interest the recipient can engage them and keep their attention very effectively, if the content of the messages is well managed.

Another powerful aspect of text messaging is that it is instant and far more direct than e-mail. While mobile users may check their mailbox passively during the day, a text message is received – and usually read – within minutes. Because text messages on mobile devices are also generally more available to users than e-mail (on some devices, even more-so than their included e-mail applications), messages can be sent with a greater expectation that they will be available to their recipients A.S.A.P – making a political text message marketing framework ideal for updating supporters of rallies, fund-raising drives, and other events, even at a moment’s notice.

As powerful as this paradigm of political text message marketing is, applying it is very easy and affordable on any scale. Several online text message marketing companies exist for this very purpose, boiling the entire process down into a convenient and intuitive online interface.

One such service – and certainly one of the best – is Trumpia. With a robust marketing platform, plans starting as low as $25.00 per month, and a 30 day free trial, Trumpia is a perfect first step into the world of mobile marketing. Their broad spectrum of services also includes bulk e-mail and instant messaging, allowing for a multifaceted approach to marketing.

Whether you’re Democrat, Republican, or anywhere in between (Tea or Coffee, anyone?), political text message marketing is a new realm of communication for the ongoing battle of popular support; try it out today, and mark your party’s name in SMS this election year.



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