Real Estate Mobile Marketing – Why Realtors Need a Mobile Marketing Strategy

by Michael Armstrong

Mobile Marketing for Realtors

Real Estate Mobile Marketing StrategiesReal Estate is a respected and time-honored field of business, but in this day of constant technological revolution, even the wisest old elephants must catch up with modern methods. If you happen to deal in real estate, mobile marketing may very well be the edge you need to stay current.

At heart of a balanced and wide-reaching mobile marketing strategy is mobile web presence. Just as it became imperative at the turn of the millennium for any respectable business to have a web page of its own, the advent of smartphones have redefined the requirements again. Roughly one fifth of all net traffic today is done via cell, and Chicago real estate mobile marketing must develop to take advantage of this. Luckily, a mobile website is no more difficult to develop than a standard Internet site; in some cases, certain online services can even adapt an instant mobile version of a given realtor or property manager’s full site, and keep it updated with its counterpart with no extra effort needed from its from the owner.

That said, for the creative business person, there’s more to mobile web presence than just presenting the same information. Integrating QR codes into posted signs, for instance, is rapidly becoming commonplace. By using one of a multitude of free apps, a mobile user can simply point their smartphone at one of these barcode-like patterns and immediately be linked to the listing for a given property – perhaps turning them from pedestrian to prospective without a moment of their time wasted searching for the right page.

Mobile access to full property information is also valuable for keeping the attention of potential prospectives. By having the full listing for a property in the palm of their hand, the mobile user can access it on their terms as lightly or as deeply as they please; clumsy paper pamphlets and energy-intensive phone conversations shouldn’t discourage your potential clients’ interest. This effect can be amplified by pushing a mobile app to help those clients sort properties of interest and access certain resources (such as images, driving directions, and printed records) more easily than could be done with a webpage alone.

New technology in itself is useful of course, but in many ways, its synthesis with traditional methods is just as much so; consider the humble business card, for instance. It has long been a key element of face-to-face networking, and even though the paper card itself has begun to fall towards the wayside, it lives on in the form of virtual contact cards. A well-stocked real estate mobile marketing toolkit is sure to include not only text message business cards, but multi-platform apps to transmit vCards (a virtual business card format) and similar data.

Ultimately, the decision to adopt tools like these is your own; however, it’s a more fast-paced world than ever, and it could be the addition of simple, effective real estate mobile marketing strategies like these that keeps your business at the forefront of the field – in your home town or nation-wide.


Chicago Mobile Marketing is taking off in popularity.  All real estate agents in Chicago need to look into mobile marketing strategies like:

  • Text Message Marketing
  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Advertising

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