Real Estate QR Code Marketing Strategy

by Michael Armstrong

Real Estate QR Code Marketing Strategy

Real Estate Marketing is Crazy about QR Codes

A real estate QR code marketing strategy can provide your real estate agency in Chicago with added value and be an important part of an overall mobile marketing campaign. Let’s take a look at exactly what QR codes can do for you.

Why Realtor QR Codes?

By now you have seen QR codes, probably in many places and on many types of materials including flyers and magazines as well as on signs and other items. They look simple enough, but QR codes are actually quite complex and have the power to direct your clients to your mobile website, to video content or anything else you want to share with them.

QR codes can be great for real estate agents, and can help attract more potential homebuyers and sellers. QR codes are meant for consumers with smartphones, and for those who are unfamiliar with how QR codes work, you may need to include brief instructions along with the code on how to scan it. This will help give you the best possible exposure.

How Realtors are using QR Codes

There are few different ways that real estate agents can utilize QR codes to increase business. Perhaps the most obvious way is to put them on all of your “Sale” signs. Many potential homebuyers are still spending time driving around through areas that they like in order to spot homes for sale. Anytime an interested homebuyer with a smartphone drives up to one of your signs, he or she can instantly scan the code and find out added information about the property and how to contact the listing agent.

When you set up this system, it is easy to set it up so that all scans of these codes can be tracked. This gives you the ability to see how many times the code has been scanned, versus how many buyers have contacted you for a showing. This gives you information about how well the codes are working.

Another way to use QR codes in real estate is to put them on direct mail. Many realtors use postcards to try and find people who are interested in selling. If you place a QR code on these postcards, you can link it to your website with information on how to contact you, as well as important tips and things to know before you sell your home.

Some realtors are even placing QR codes on their vehicles. Anywhere that you drive becomes a place where a potential homebuyer may take interest and scan the code to find out how to contact you. This code can even link to a page with all of your listings, so if they are interested in what may be in the immediate neighborhood, one scan will show them.

QR Codes on your Business Cards

Business cards are another option for QR code marketing. Instead of just handing out your name and number to people, you could also hand them all of your available listings by linking to them through your QR code. This gives potential clients a jump on information and makes you a more attractive choice to handle their real estate business.

Perhaps the most effective QR code marketing tool is to link to video tours of properties you are selling. Anytime a potential homebuyer drives up to one of your listings, give them a virtual tour right in the palm of their hand by linking a QR code on the sign or the property flyer to a video tour.

This gives the buyer immediate satisfaction. It also weeds out buyers who aren’t really interested, because only those who find the tour to their liking will call you for an in-person tour. This in turn will save you both time and money by not conducting as many tours for wishy-washy buyers.

Trumpia is a service that offers QR codes and other mobile marketing strategies for real estate agents. They can help you set up a text messaging service that includes QR codes and even mobile coupons as well. Trumpia offers an all-in-mobile marketing service with plenty of features, and even offers a free trial period. This makes it a cinch to try and see what mobile marketing can do for you.


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