Retail Text Message Marketing Ideas

by Michael Armstrong

Retail Mobile CouponsRetail text message marketing is a great place to start a mobile marketing campaign. Why? Simply put, text message marketingis cost effective, reaches a large tech-savvy audience, and with the database of cell numbers you will gain from it, text message marketing will help launch other mobile marketing strategies.

It is not hard to implement an SMS messaging campaign in Chicago. Mobile coupons are the latest version of printed coupons, and are quite popular with mobile device users. They are simple to send out and easy for the receiver to redeem. They are also simple for a retailer to track, because the owner of the phone has to show the coupon right on his device in order to redeem it. This makes tracking the success of mobile coupons very easy.

When rolling out a new product, why not drive consumer traffic with mobile coupons? For example, McDonald’s promoted a new product, the McCafe Mocha, by sending out mobile coupons that allowed its customers to try one for free. As you can imagine, this was very successful in driving business.

Arby’s customers could send a keyword to a special code number, and receive a mobile coupon good for their new BBQ Bacon Cheddar Roast Burger with the purchase of a drink. Customers like getting a great discount or a free product, and a retailer benefits from an increase in business, and in turn, increased sales.

The holidays are a great time to promote customer loyalty by showing your customers your appreciation for them, while helping them out with deals & tips to make their lives easier. Butterball has had a popular Turkey Talk Line in order to help its customers with questions about preparing their holiday turkeys. Beginning in 2009, Butterball used SMS messaging to engage their customers even more.

Butterball customers could send the word TURKEY to a special code and receive back tips to help them with their Thanksgiving meal preparation. This is a good example of how to build loyalty through the use of SMS marketing.

Once you have a customer’s cell number in your database, take good care of it. Most consumers value their privacy and will appreciate knowing that you don’t give out their cell number to anyone else. Reward them for sharing their number with you by periodically sending out bulk SMS messages with special “Loyal Customers Only” deals, such as a one day special sale, a 25% off mobile coupon, or other special deals you think of. Exclusive deals for loyal customers will only make them feel valued and appreciated and keep them coming back.

Start your retail SMS marketing with one of the great SMS marketing software companies out there, such as Tatango or Trumpia. Both of these companies will help your retail business grow through the use of text message marketing campaigns. They don’t stop there; other mobile marketing resources are available with both, but SMS marketing is a great place to start. Trumpia and Tatango both offer free trial offers, so starting a retail SMS marketing campaign can start in as little as one simple click.



Chicago Mobile Marketing is taking off in popularity.  All retailers in Chicago need to look into mobile marketing strategies such as:

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  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Advertising

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