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Restaurant text messagingRestaurant SMS marketing strategies have proven effective at bringing more diners through the doors and to the tables. In a rough economy, people tend to eat out less, but SMS marketing strategies combat this problem by providing two-way communication between your restaurant and your customer that engages the customer, gives them more reason to eat out, and more reason to feel that their dollar will go further in your restaurant than in another.

Restaurant marketing is increasingly moving toward mobile as their customers go mobile via smartphones and other devices. The thing about SMS marketing is that it is widely available no matter what type of device your customers are using. Continue Reading

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brickandmobile Mobile Website reseller platformDoes BrickandMobile.com offer the best mobile marketing reseller software?  We reviewed Brick&Mobile and they do have a very powerful package for anyone interested in starting a mobile marketing company.

If you are looking for a feature rich platform that offers you all the tools you need to start a mobile marketing company – read this Brick & Mobile review. They have a redefined white label mobile marketing platform and offer more than most other competitors.

Brick&Mobile’s mobile marketing software has 3 main components:

  • Mobile Website Builder (Mobile CMS) – Online mobile website builder platform created specifically for mobile marketing resellers.
  • SMS Marketing Software – Comprehensive SMS text marketing software created specifically for SMS resellers.
Continue Reading

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Restaurant Marketing Plans are Reaching to QR Codes to Increase the Bottom Line

QR Codes Restaurant MarketingRestaurant marketing is growing and it will continue to grow over the next few years, as it’s been extremely beneficial in the success of many restaurants lately.

QR code marketing is one of the newer marketing trends that have proven to be most helpful to restaurants since it allows a restaurant to transfer TONS of information all at one time, in a very small amount of space.

With QR codes you’re able to send what looks like a bar code, through text messaging to as many people as you’d like all at once and in that QR code there can be any amount of information you choose, from all of your menu items, to specials and discounts, to mobile coupons. Continue Reading

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QR Code Marketing StrategyThere are a lot of people that just LOVE QR Codes.  On some level they are pretty cool and fun but you need to make sure that if you want to use QR codes are part of your marketing strategy, that you use them correctly.

When you create a QR code you use it to send people somewhere, like your website or some type of sign up form or offer.  The problem is, QR codes are scanned by mobile phones and if you dont have a mobile optimized website, you cant send people to your website using a QR code.   Make sense? Continue Reading

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Real Estate QR Code Marketing Strategy

Real Estate Marketing is Crazy about QR Codes

A real estate QR code marketing strategy can provide your real estate agency in Chicago with added value and be an important part of an overall mobile marketing campaign. Let’s take a look at exactly what QR codes can do for you.

Why Realtor QR Codes?

By now you have seen QR codes, probably in many places and on many types of materials including flyers and magazines as well as on signs and other items. They look simple enough, but QR codes are actually quite complex and have the power to direct your clients to your mobile website, to video content or anything else you want to share with them. Continue Reading

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TrumpiaReviewLogoAs part of a detailed and well documented Trumpia Review, it becomes important to evaluate how Trumpia stands up against SMS Competitors when it comes to services and pricing. This review found that Trumpia is an excellent choice for small businesses everywhere and with the Trumpia Promo Code is extremely affordable which makes it the best possible choice.

Trumpia Review: Does it actually work?

Trumpia has launched an innovative system that allows its customers to have detailed analytics of the responsiveness of their clients. Further, because there are so many SMS Competitors Trumpia has elevated itself to a premium service while still offering industry standard prices that are reduced greatly by using the Trumpia Promo Code. Continue Reading

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Marketing Strategy for Small Business - Mobile SMS Marketing

Take your Small Bussiness Marketing Plan to the Next Level with Mobile SMS Marketing Strategies

Do you have a small business that is struggling? Does your small business marketing strategy include SMS mobile marketing? SMS marketing is one of the newest and fastest growing forms of marketing.

Small businesses in Chicago have learned how cost effective and useful SMS marketing can be. Through SMS marketing you’re able to reach your general public in real time. You get to choose who you want to market to, at what times, and over what events.

Since it doesn’t cost you anything to change what you are sending out, you’re more likely to send out multiple types of concepts to multiple types of people. Continue Reading

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Tatango Review LogoI discovered a great, easy, and cost effective way to handle my SMS text marketing. This Tatango Review is going to explain why I think they are the best solution to create a bulk text message marketing campaign.

About Tatango

Back in 2008 this Seattle based SMS company Tatango launched, with one goal in mind. Tatango wanted to revolutionize mobile text messaging marketing that was just starting to make some noise in those early years. Tatango founder and CEO Derek Johnson stated then, “Our mission at Tatango has always been to improve group communication through the use of mobile phones, with Tatango, we have achieved this.” Continue Reading

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