Trumpia Reseller Review – Which SMS Company should you Choose

by Michael Armstrong · 2 comments

Trumpia Reseller LogoSMS Text Message Marketing is taking off and this Trumpia Reseller Review will help you decide which program to use for your own SMS marketing platform.

Are you a marketing genius ready to help small business owners? Check out this Trumpia reseller review to learn how you can use Trumpia’s mobile marketing toolkit to provide all the same services top mobile marketing companies offer their clients for a fraction of the cost!

Turnkey SMS Text Reseller Solution

Trumpia’s reseller program is a turn-key operation that can have you set up as your own branded mobile marketing services provider in just a few days. You just need your own company website and Trumpia becomes your back end solution to provide all the mobile marketing services you offer. You can even offer your clients a free trial of Trumpia’s services that’s DOUBLE their usual free trial after – a special value just for you as a valued reseller.  If you are wondering which SMS company you should choose, Trumpia should be at the top of your list.

You will harness Trumpia’s SMS marketing platform and back end to provide a valuable SMS marketing service and other mobile marketing services to your clients. This Trumpia reseller review will tell you how to get started and to check out Trumpia’s services for free. But it will all be branded with your business name and logo – no one has to know the back end services are powered by Trumpia! They’ll just think you’re a marketing genius!

Trumpia Reviews

Who Can I Resell Too?

Anyone who has a business – in any niche – can benefit from the services you can provide as a Trumpia reseller. You’ll be able to provide all the high-tech services people want from mobile and SMS marketing companies. Some of the industries perfectly suited to buy your Trumpia reseller services are:

  • Trumpia is for BusinessRestaurants
  • nightclubs and bars
  • Charities and non-profit groups
  • Entertainment and sports venues
  • Politicians
  • Realtors and real estate brokers
  • Retail stores of all types
  • Churches and religious groups
  • Schools, colleges and childcare centers
  • Salon, spas and manicurists
  • Movie theaters

Have you tried Trumpia’s Service?   Before you decide to sign up as a Trumpia Reseller, review their platform and sign up for a free trial and check it out for yourself!

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Why Should you be a Trumpia Reseller

Building a back office and infrastructure like the one Trumpia has would literally cost you millions of dollars – why go to that hassle when you can have the best of both worlds? Use Trumpia’s tools to benefit your clients and you can concentrate on using your marketing genius to benefit your clients without worrying about software upgrades, server issues and bandwidth.

All of Trumpia’s services and tools are yours to use as if they were your own – it’s everything you need to implement even the most diverse and ambitious multi-channel mobile marketing plan! From sending SMS marketing messages to instant messages, from mobile coupons to QR codes, there’s nothing you can’t do – no service you can’t offer using Trumpia’s powerful platform. Keep reading this Trumpia reseller review to learn all you need to know to get started reselling for free!

Trumpia SMS Company Reseller Review

What Trumpia Services Can you Resell?

Anything Trumpia does for its multi-national billion dollar clients, you can offer to your clients – no matter how small or large! When you craft a marketing plan for your client, you can start with mobile text marketing, add email messaging, enable text based reminders of appointments or special events, send voice based marketing messages and integrate it all with their social media presence.

You can set up mobile coupons using email, bulk SMS marketing and even Facebook coupons! Your mobile marketing strategy for your clients will no doubt include social media integration. Trumpia’s new 2.0 launch allows for Facebook Like-gating to make it easier for their customers to like them and share on Facebook – and you’ll look like a social media marketing genius as well!

What Companies have Trumpia Resellers Sold Into

white label reseller trumpia With over 500 Trumpia resellers and climbing, Trumpia’s turn-key mobile marketing services are competing effectively with world-class SMS marketing companies every day and outperforming them time and again. Here are just a few of the clients Trumpia resellers have landed:

  • RE/MAX
  • Papa Johns
  • Hard Rock Café
  • Columbia University
  • Holiday Inn
  • YMCA
  • McDonalds
  • Popeyes
  • Golds Gym

How do you get Started Selling Trumpia’s Services

It’s easy to get started with Trumpia – especially for a marketing genius with your mad skills! First, try the Trumpia free trial to see what you’ll be reselling and to use Trumpia’s services to reach out to your clients and potential clients for free using text message marketing and more!

Sign up for a Free Trial Account at Trumpia and review their SMS Platform for yourself!

Just enter our special promo code to get started with a valuable DOUBLE free trial!!!

Use promo code: mobiletraining

Trumpia Free Reseller Trial

* Click on Image Above to sign up for a Free Trumpia Reseller Account and See For Yourself

Special Trial Plan for Promo Code: mobiletraining – Your FREE 30-day trial includes 200 contacts, 2000 monthly emails, 2000 monthly IMs, 50 mobile text credits, and 2 mobile keywords.

If you don’t already have a website you use to sell your marketing services, you need to get one set up. Third, decide if you want to sell just one of Trumpia’s services and become a top-tier text message marketing company or you want to resell the whole suite of Trumpia’s service and become a mobile marketing force to be reckoned with, Trumpia’s got what you need.

Trumpia White Label Reseller Service

When you resell, Trumpia’s services will be branded with your logo and marketing information. It seamlessly becomes your very own proprietary marketing back end – without the tech and maintenance hassles. Trumpia does the heavy lifting and you just do the marketing and reap the benefits!

Get started today with the free limited time DOUBLE value trial offer using promo code: mobiletraining

This special offer is only accessible through this Trumpia reseller review – thanks for reading – get started today – thousands of businesses are waiting for you and your marketing genius to help them reach their customers!

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Mark Wilson December 31, 2012 at 1:51 pm

I am also interested in trumpia’s reseller program.I agree that trumpia provides a big advantage in not investing much in the infrastructure.

Michael Armstrong March 17, 2013 at 12:40 pm

Thanks for the comment! Trumpia is a great company to work with! Im glad you like their service as well.