Why Restaurants Need a Mobile Marketing Strategy

by Michael Armstrong

Restaurant Mobile Marketing StrategyRestaurant mobile marketing is the newest way to grow your business. With restaurant mobile marketing in Chicago, you are able to reach the masses without having to individually contact them. You are able to send out bulk text messages and reach every person in your group of contacts. You will be able to send out coupons, promotions, and invite people to join your email club, and much more! Your restaurant, old or new will gain new customers through the mobile marketing.

You need to set up a restaurant mobile marketing strategy for your restaurant. You will find that the stronger your strategy, the more influence it’ll have on potential clients, like any other business strategy. If you’re able to set up a mobile app, you’ll be able to bring in even more clients!

If your customers can simply install and app and then keep up with new promotions, coupons, and events at your restaurant you’ll be a convenient stop for them! Mobile marketing for restaurants is allowing you to spend less time advertising while reaching the same amount of customers or more. You’ll never be disappointed with mobile text marketing!

The mobile marketing association has broadened the ability to advertise to many people all at once, for minimal cost. You need to find the mobile marketing company that will work the best for you and your restaurant. SMS marketing allows you to send out coupons to any cell phone at any time, and that will allow your customers to come in and use those coupons the same day without having to print them, which is a convenience to many.

Imagine the most common family structure that you’d see. Generally, both parents must work in order to keep the home stable. If both parents are working, and the kids are home; who’s cooking dinner? So, you can figure that at least one night per week, the average family eats dinner at a restaurant. If you have a ‘kids eat free’ night but the average family doesn’t know that, they’ll probably choose a restaurant that they know more about.

If you’re able to send them a text message on ‘kids eat free’ day then they’ll be aware of your promotion and be more likely to choose your restaurant as their restaurant for dinner. Make more sense now? SMS marketing allows you to inform your potential and current customers of all of the things that you have going on right now, and the rest of the week or month or however you’d like to set it up, but to keep them coming back in.

Mobile text marketing is going to keep your restaurant on people’s minds and the more they are thinking about your restaurant, the more they’ll be visiting your restaurant. The more customers you have the more money you make, right? You can’t lose by trying a mobile marketing company since most offer free trials. With a mobile marketing free trial, you will be able to see the benefits of mobile marketing for your restaurant without ever making any commitments to the products themselves. Try before you buy.

Restaurant mobile marketing gives you the freedom to reach many without spending a lot. Restaurant mobile marketing allows you to send out coupons, promotional information, and advertise for events for your VIP group. SMS marketing is going to become your favorite way of bringing in new business for your restaurant because it works. Now, you have to take the first step and try it for yourself. Your restaurant will thank you for taking a chance! Go ahead; download your free trial now!

Here are 2 Text Message Marketing Companies that offer a Free Trial:





Mobile Marketing in Chicago is taking off in popularity.  All restaurants in Chicago should start to look into mobile marketing strategies such as:

  • Text Message Marketing
  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Advertising

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